Hi, thanks for checking in and welcome to my King Fire Baby website! Bare with me as this is a work in progress, but I figured I needed to start somewhere. Just a little background on KFB (not to be confused with KFC), I’ve always been into cooking and creating crazy concoctions, especially with my Cambodian background. Khmer cooking is a wonderful fusion of flavors and spices that will blow your mind away. Also, it doesn’t hurt to have great foodie friends as guinea pigs.  I’ve created a number of interesting dishes, especially with my marinades and sauces. Last year, I was able to debut a King Fire Baby booth at the Cleveland Asian Festival, and wow, I had no idea that it would be such a huge hit! I featured my KFB Pork Ribs, Pulled-beef curry sandwiches, Lemongrass Chicken wings and a number of other fun dishes. I had so much fun that I think I’ll have to attempt the feeding frenzy again (we had over 34,000 people attend). So stay tuned for more King Fire Baby…the fun has just begun!